Videos to Help You Trade Forex More Effectively

6. Videos about HFX

If someone helped sign you up for the forex online course, they likely set you up with at least one Facebook forex group. You can ask them questions about anything forex. Before asking the questions, try to see if the question is answered in one of the course videos. Here they are listed in alphabetical order by subject matter.

To find these videos, go to Log in. Click on Academies in the left-hand column. Click on the HFX academy  button.

Scroll down to the video you wish to watch.

List of Videos

Accuracy & frequency HFX322

Best time to trade  HFX323

Bid vs. ask price      HFX111

Binary compound strategy HFX325

Binary compound strategy pt.2 HFX326

Binary settings         HFX321

Binary tips & tricks HFX327

Binary tips & tricks  pt.2 HFX328

Binary trading          HFX329

Binary trading, pt.2   HFX330

Bollinger bands        HFX304

Break even concept HFX413

Break even concept pt.2 HFX414

Breakout vs. fakeout HFX126

Brokers                     HFX105

Candlesticks             HFX115

Chart patterns simplified HFX402

Compounding with total account HFX324

Currency pairs          HFX107

Double time frame strategy HFX314

Double time frame strategy, pt.2 HFX315

Entry, stop loss, take profit HFX114

Fakeout                     HFX126

Fibonacci                  HFX408

Fibonacci pt.2           HFX409

Fibonacci for HFX  HFX410

Fibonacci risk & target training HFX415

Fundamental analysis HFX119

Goals, numbers & mindsets HFX416

Harmonics                HFX404

Harmonics pt.2        HFX405

Inside HFX              HFX340

Introduction to HFX HFX339

IQ Options Bollinger band strategy HFX336

IQ Options Bollinger bands HFX335

IQ Options, int’ly regulated HFX331

IQ Options              HFX332

IQ Options pt 2       HFX333

IQ Options RSI      HFX334

IQ Options strategy HFX337

Kill zone strategy    HFX417

Leverage                   HFX106

Live Trader User Interface HFX302

Lot size & value        HFX109

Margin                       HFX112

Market participants  HFX104

Mindset to trade HFX HFX401

MT4 app                   HFX116

MT4 platform           HFX117

Nadex overview         HFX338

Numbers sheet          HFX411

Options                      HFX103

Options, US style      HFX303

Order types                HFX113

Parabolic SAR            HFX320

Pickpocket scanner   HFX342

Pips                             HFX108

Pullbacks                     HFX125

Quarters theory          HFX419

Quarters theory pt 2  HFX420

Resistance                   HFX121

Reversal points           HFX310

RSI                              HFX308

RSI + stochastic binary technique HFX309

Scalp vs. swing trading HFX127

Sentimental analysis  HFX120

Settings for strategy tradings HFX316

Simplescalper scanner HFX341

Spread                         HFX110

Strategy series, pt.1     HFX318

Strategy series, pt.2    HFX319

Strategy series, pt.3    HFX422

Strategy series, pt.4    HFX423

Stochastic                   HFX307

Stochastic on higher time frames HFX317

Stop loss, take profit HFX114

Support & resistance HFX121

Support & resistance, pt.2 HFX424

Support & resistance, pt.3 HFX425

Swing trading             HFX127

Targets with fibonacci HFX412

Take profit                HFX114

Technical analysis     HFX118

Technical analysis, advanced HFX406

Technical analysis, advanced pt.2 HFX407

Time frames, 2 at once HFX313

Times to trade           HFX103

Trading plan                HFX421

Trend lines                 HFX122

Trending market method HFX418

Vdub binary indicator HFX311

Vdub binary indicator + stochastic RSI HFX312

Webslinge scanner     HFX343

What is traded?         HFX102

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