URLS to Quickly Help You Trade Forex

URLs in order, #8

To help you use CashTrap most effectively, use the URLs below in the order in which they appear.

Add up the numbers in parentheses if they indicate you should trade. The sum determines what percentage of your broker account you should invest on a particular trade.

4 –> 1%
5 –> 2%
6 or 7 –> 3%

Rather than use the links beside each indicator, you may want to look at the 10 Steps to Making a Trade.

Log into Videforex and set up 5 minute candles, amount of trade & 3 minute trades.

news (Y/N): forexfactory.com

Pray before each trade

strength of currency (1): livecharts.co.uk/currency-strength.php
    ☐ Refresh frequently

hourglass (1): hourglass.im/

Bollinger, within (1): blog

Bollinger, lines together (1): blog

Trend (+ or – 1): blog

Stochastic (1): blog

RSI (1): blog

Calculate amount to trade    (see spreadsheet)

Timing: blog

     ☐  Change currencies


The list on the left is Matty’s pairs. The list on the right has the pairs I may consider in my own specialized strategy.



Learn: Educators

Tsf $: Coinb

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