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Animated GIF Q. How do you insert an animated GIF to a WordPress page?
How to copy & paste an animated GIF from one page to another.
BACKGROUND COLOUR Q. How do you change the background colour of website pages?
BLOCKS Q. What are blocks in the WordPress Twenty Nineteen theme?
COLOURING TEXT Q. How do you change the colour of text?
CONTACT US Q. How do you make a contact us page?
DOMAIN NAME Q. How do I choose an ideal domain name?
DOMAIN NAME to HOST Q. How do I move my domain name to my web host?
           Q. How do I add my DNS information to WhoIs? (video)
EDITING Q. How do I add the Classic Editor plugin to my website?
H1 HEADING COLOUR Q. How to change the colour of all my H1 headings.
HOME PAGE Q. How to I change a page into a home page?
HOSTING Q. Where should I host my website?
HTML Q. How HTML is used to create websites
IMAGES Q. How do I add images to a page?
LINKING Q. How do you link to the bottom of a page?
MENU Q. How to make a horizontal menu.
MOVING BANNER Q. How do I make a moving banner at the bottom of a video?
Q. How do I password protect a page?

PLUGIN Q. What is a WordPress plugin?
PRESENTATION Q. What are 3 characteristics of a good web page presentation?
SCREENSHOT Q. How make a screenshot of one area?
SEARCH Q. How do you add a search magnifying glass to the top menu?
SEO Q. How do I use Google Trends for better SEO?
Q. How do I use Yoast SEO?
SLUG Q. What is a slug and how do I use it for SEO?
TWENTY NINETEEN Q. How do I build a page with the Twenty Nineteen WordPress theme?
TWENTY TWENTY Q. How do I build a page with the Twenty Twenty WordPress theme?
VISUALS Q. How can visuals enhance my web page?
WhoIs Q. How do I buy a domain name from WhoIs?
WORDPRESS INSTALLATION Q. How do I install WordPress on my new website?
YOUTUBE Q. How do I insert a YouTube video into a web page?

Presentation Q.

3 characteristics of webpage presentation

When judging how good a webpage is, there are 3 characteristics we look at:

  • How current and valuable the information is
  • Aesthetics, how attractive it is
  • Technical, how quickly does it load, do all of the hyperlinks work, etc.

1. Information

You want people to come back to your website.  So, they must feel like the information is valuable to them.  Does it sound original?

Is it current?  You need valuable information to keep each new post current.  Ideally your website or blog will have one main theme.  Every post and page will be related to that central theme.

Usually you should make sure each post has over 300 words.

2. Aesthetics

  • Layout — How well is your web page laid out?
  • Ease of reading — Is it easy to read?
  • Pictures — Do the pictures assist with the reading experience?

Presentation Q.

Skim like an F

Always keep in mind that people usually will not read your page.  They will skim it.

Expect them to just skim over it in the shape of a capital letter F. They will read the first few lines completely.  Then they will read the beginning of a few lines.  Then they will skim right down the page.

Bullet points

So, try to have lots of bullet points to help with the skimming right down.


How to insert images
  1. Move cursor to front of line where you want the image.
  2. Click Add Media
  3. If the image you want is in the library, click the image and then click Insert Into Page.
  4. If the image is not in the library, click Upload Files, drag the  image from your Finder and click Insert Into Page.
  5. Right-click on image and select icon to determine whether you will have image on the right, left or centre.
  6. Update your page.

Line Length

People prefer to read shorter lines. So,

  • Grab their attention in the first few lines
  • Make the first few lines short by adding picture beside the text
  • Then they read the first few lines
  • After that you have them wanting to read
  • You can then continue article with longer lines
  • Start with shorter lines by having a picture at the top of the page like the image above.
  • When you start a brand new website, it may be impossible to indent your pictures like the one above. Watch video below to learn how to fix that problem.

How to Insert a YouTube Video into a Web Page 

3. Technical

  • Test all of your links to make sure they work.  (It helps with SEO to have links to external sources.)
  • Have social media icons so that visitors can share your excellent content with their friends and colleagues.
Help pages load quickly
40% of people will abandon a site if it takes greater than 3 seconds to load.
  • Photo size — Don’t have photos larger then they have to be. Otherwise, it will take longer for the web page to fully load. For example, I had an image with a “wow” factor that was 741 pixels wide.  It was 1.3MB in size.  When I selected a corner and made it smaller, it still was 1.3 MB in size.  However, when I opened it up in GIMP and used Image > Scale Image to reduce it to 400 pixels wide, it was 407 kB in size.
  • Block 3rd party cookiesReduces ad garbage
  • Search for load time reducing ideas.  Try searching online for how to reduce website load time.

Reducing ad garbage

To reduce ad garbage, make a web search for how to block 3rd party cookies.  Here’s how to block 3rd party cookies with 2 different web browsers:

  • INTERNET EXPLORER: Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Advanced:
    here check ‘Override automatic….’; ‘Allow session cookies’; ‘Allow 1st party cookies’ & ‘Block 3rd Party Cookies’.

  • firefox-add-onsFIREFOX: Tools> Options> Privacy: Check ‘Accept Cookies from sites’
    & Un-Check ‘Accept 3rd Party cookies’                          Firefox keeps changing their software.  With my version, I had to go to Tools > Add-ons and select the ad blocker (ABP) add-on.

“Wow” factor note

I promote each blog post using at least 3 different social media (Twitter, Facebook & Google Plus).  Here’s an example of how I promoted a post using 7 different social media.

Pictures are much more effective than words for getting points across.  So, I’ve started using an amazing picture at the top of each blog post.  Each social media post linking to that post will have the same picture.






How do I choose an ideal domain name?

A. Domain registration is the process by which a company or individual can secure a website domain. You will get more traffic to your website by using the right domain names.  The suggestions in this article will help you get the best name possible.

domain registration Domain name extensions on keyboardA domain name is a unique address of a website on the Internet.  It consists of an alphanumeric entity followed by an extension (also called top-level domain).  The domain name system (DNS) translates the domain name into a numeric address called an IP address.

For instance, ibm.com uses “ibm” for its alphanumeric entity.  It uses “.com” for its top level domain.


Select your domain name from a branding point of view.  In the example above, “ibm” is the very best alphanumeric entity possible for a company called IBM.  The very best extension is “.com” because it is the most well know extension in the world.

Your domain name should reflect your business somehow.  Then it will be easier for your customers to remember and come back to your website.  Also, a really good domain name helps with search engine optimization (SEO).

Make it memorable so that you can get repeat visits from people.

Mnemonic device

A businessman may use this word to help him find the ideal domain name for his website — RAIL, the four main points to think about are Recall, Aesthetics, Impressions & Length.
* Recall: Will the domain name be easy to use/remember? Choose a name that’s easy to recall.
* Aesthetics: How does the name look written on paper? How will it appear alongside other lettering on business cards and company stationery?
* Impressions: First impressions can be crucial. So select a domain name that will give an immediate good impression.
* Length: Typing a short web-address is always preferable to typing a long one. Choose for length.

Domain registration time

Google may consider your website more stable and reliable if it has a long registration time.  In order to test the waters to make sure you like your domain name, make your first registration for a one year minimum.  If your website is still going strong after a year, register it for a longer time.

With which company should you register?

Since 1996 my domain registration has been with various companies.  Some, which will remain unnamed, I’d definitely advise against.  One company I like a lot and would recommend is WhoIs.

Correlation domain name & business name
domain registration How to Name Your Business

Remember the branding part of domain names.  It is best if your domain name and business name are very similar.  (Note the discussion of ibm.com and IBM above.)

WhoIs has a system for correlating the names.  In this quick example you are looking for a name for your pet store.

You want people to look at your sign for two seconds and know exactly what kind of store you have.

Register a domain

pet store worldYou could start you domain registration by going to the WhoIs website. Select Domains > Register a Domain. You do a domain search for pet store.

Naturally petstore.com was taken.  However, WhoIs makes a search for similar available names.  One available domain name is petstore.world.

So, you could register petstore.world and name the business Pet Store World.  If people know the name of your store, they can remember your domain name.  If people remember your domain name, they can remember the name of your store.

Mom & pop business example

roots-and-vines-toursA couple I know live in an area that has 112 wineries.  Tourists love to go to the Okanagan Valley and go on wine tours.  The couple set up a touring company in Kelowna that takes tourists to various wineries.

They found an excellent domain name that:

  • Used the .com extension

  • Was descriptive of their company

  • Was memorable

  • Was very good branding

  • Was the same as their company name (Roots & Vines Tours)

  • Took people to an excellent website (rootsandvinestours.com).

Related pages
5 characteristics of a good business name
The Success website says How important is a name, really? In the world of business, it’s absolutely everything. Why? Because your…   Read more.
How do I move my domain name to my web host?
Moving your domain name to your web host
In the domain registration blog post I told you how to register a new domain name with a domain registration company such as WhoIs.  Once you have registered a domain name, you must make changes to the domain name servers (DNS).  You must link them to your web host. On the best web hosting blog post I recommended that you use LiquidNet Ltd Hosting for your web host.  It’s only $35/year for the starter program and includes WordPress, excellent 24/7 tech support and many other wonderful features.  I will use that company in my example. When you register your domain name with WhoIs, you must change the DNS names for LiquidNet Ltd Hosting to dns1.supremedns.com and dns2.supremedns.com. Watch this video in full screen mode to see how to update your DNS information. Pause frequently to take notes.
Steps to changing the name servers
♦  Go to your domain registration vendor.  In the following example I will use WhoIs. I am assuming that your web host will be LiquidNet Ltd Hosting.
Link to name servers♦  Click Account > MyAccount.
♦  Where it says Jump to Domain, enter the domain name with which you are working.
♦  Click the arrow to jump there.
♦  Click on Name Servers.
♦  Name server 1 and 2Enter DNS information, dns1.supremedns.com and dns2.supremedns.com, in appropriate boxes.
♦  Click on Update Name Servers button.
♦  You must also add your contact details. In the background your new domain name is being made available on the internet all around the world. Note that this can take up to 24 hours. 
Home Q.
How to change a page into a home page.
  • Look at your black menu. Click on Appearance > Customize.
  • Click on Homepage Settings.
  • Click on the A Static Page radio button.
  • Under the Homepage title, select the name of the page that is to be the home page.
  • Click the blue Publish button at the top of the column.

Now type your domain name into a search browser, your new home page will show up.







Hosting new domain

Hosting new domain

After you feel your domain name may be available around the world,

  1. Click on My Domains > Hosted Domains from the LiquidNet black menu.
  2. Click Host Domain
  3. Type domain name in the Domain box
  4. Click Add a Host

Then, when you click Files > File Manager, you will see the new domain name in the list of domain names.

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DNS Amplification Attack

The Hackersidea website says

A Domain Name Server (DNS) amplification attack is a …. reflection attack which manipulates publically-accessible domain name systems, making them flood a target with large quantities of UDP packets.   Read more.

Where should I host my website?

A. best web hostingI have been developing websites since 1996.  In that time I’ve used lots of web hosting companies.  In my opinion, LiquidNet Ltd Hosting is the best web hosting company I’ve ever used. If you need a web host, go there now.

best web hosting compare-plansThey sell four different plans.  Click on compare plans to find the one for you.  If you need only one website, you can buy a Starter Plan for $35/year.

How do I install WordPress on my new website?

Web host

how to install WordPress Gears 401This FAQ tells you how to install WordPress using LiquidNet Ltd Hosting.  Installing WordPress is simple if you follow the instructions below.  Installing WordPress is complicated without the instructions.

In the instruction below, we assume that you have purchased a domain name from WhoIs and that you have entered the DNS information (dns1.supremedns.com and dns2.supremedns.com) into the appropriate WhoIs form.

Getting started

♦ compare-plansGo to the LiquidNet Ltd Hosting website.
♦ In the Starter column, click Start Free Trial.
♦ Fill in the account owner details
(♦ Pay your $35 after your free month is up.)
♦ After you get an email with your username & password, log into your new account.how to install wordpress

♦ Click Hosted Domains > Host Domain.
♦ Enter your domain name and click the red Add a Host button.
Click on InstallerApplications Installer.
♦ That will get you to a page that has a few dozen different applications that you could install.  Click on Install beneath the WordPress logo.
♦ Click the dropdown arrow in the Domain box & select the domain name with which you are presently working.
♦ In the next box, delete the word wordpress after the domain name.  But, make sure the slash (/) stays where the “wordpress” was.
♦ Create an administration password and write it down in a safe place.
♦ Describe your website in a few words in the Weblog title box.
♦ Skip the Database prefix box.
♦ Click the red Install WordPress box.
♦ Click the red Visit Admin Area box.
♦ Check password, etc. & Visit Admin Area
♦ If the administrative email is correct, click blue button.
Using Settings > Reading, make sure your front page is set as a static page and the front page box says Home.
♦ Click Save Changes button.
♦ Using Settings > Permalinks, change the common settings to Post name.
♦ Using Users > All Users, Change the Admin user name to increase security.
♦ Click Save Changes. WordPress has now been set up.

Before going on…

You must make sure that the latest version of WordPress has been installed. Follow these instructions.

Menu Q.

How to Install WordPress menus

You will have one horizontal menu that you will create using a WordPress app. 

New Post Media Page UserBefore I continue, you must know the difference between posts and pages.  When you hover over New at the top of WordPress, you must decide if it will be a post or a page.

Every entry into your blog should be a post.  Categories blogging etcThese entries are listed in reverse chronological order.  You should select categories for them so that people can find each blog post on a particular topic.

Pages on the other hand are static, they are not listed by date and do not use categories.

To create a menu, click on Appearance > Menus in your black menu. You will get a panel with either Pages or Posts at the top. If your panel says Pages and you wish to have Posts, simply go to the line below Add to Menu and click on Posts. To get a Page or Post into the menu, click on the item you wish to be in the menu and click on Add to Menu.

You want the item name in the menu to be as short as is reasonable. So, click on the tiny black triangle to the right of item name. Then change the name in the Navigation Label.

Click Save Menu, click on Pages/All Pages in the black menu. Click on a page and click on View.  

If you like it, you are finished.

WhoIs Q.

Where should I host my website?

Buy Domain Name from WhoIs

  • Need unique domain name that describes your business
  • Buy that from a registrar
  • Over the years I bought from a variety of registrars
  • My favourite one is WhoIs

Getting Started

  • Go to whois.com
  • Enter first choice in the search box
    • Over 171 million domain names registered in world
    • Odds are your favourite not available
    • First choice was webdesign.com
    • Not available
  • WhoIs gave me a list of related domain names that were available
  • Looked through all
  • Found one that would fit in with my marketing scheme
  • Chose freewebdesign.club
    • Decided that website would be some sort of club
    • Web designers from all over the world could come and share information at no cost
  • Clicked on the Select box beside freewebdesign.club
  • Went through checkout process
  • They tried to up sell me
  • All I want to do is pay for domain name registration — nothing more
  • Clicked on No thanks, proceed to checkout.
  • (If it asks whether or not you have a PayPal account, say no if you want to pay with a debit or credit card.)

DNS Tools

  • WhoIs has DNS tools to help new domain name link to website
  • Update the WhoIs name servers so that domain name will point to the LiquidNet Ltd Hosting or whoever your web host is.

  • Go to WhoIs and
  • Either create an account or log into your account
  • Go to the Jump to Domain panel
  • Enter your new domain name
  • Click box with the two tiny arrows
  • Click on the Name Servers link
  • Enter the two name servers: 
    • If you are using LiquidNet, they are dns1.supremedns.com and dns2.supremedns.com.
    • Must be lower case
    • Click Update Name Servers button








Twenty Nineteen Q.

How to build a website with the Twenty Nineteen WordPress theme

A. The Twenty Nineteen theme is different from most themes you have seen. For one thing, there is virtually no header. You may want to add a full-width image before you make your first H2 heading.

Spend 20 seconds scanning this page to see what Twenty Nineteen is capable of. 



How to make a top menu in 6 steps

1. If the Twenty Nineteen is not installed yet, go to Appearance > Themes, select the Twenty Nineteen theme and click Activate. 

2. After you have two or more pages created, make a horizontal menu for the top of the page. In your black menu, go to Appearance > Menus.

3. Check off the pages or posts that you want to be in the menu. Click Add to Menu. (If you want to change Posts to Pages or vice versa, click the tiny black triangle in the appropriate line.)

4. If you wish to change the text that displays in your horizontal menu, click the tiny black triangle and insert the new name in the Navigation Label box.

5. If your menu has too many items in it, try consolidating them with a submenu. All submenu items can be created by moving menu item boxes to the right.

6. Check the Primary display location box at the bottom of the page and then click Save Menu.

While you are creating pages, click Update often.

Site Icon

The site icon is the image you see to the left of the abbreviated name at the very top of your screen. 

How to make a site icon in 5 steps:

  1. Use GIMP to make a 512 x 512 pixel logo that represents your page.
  2. Click on Appearance > Customize in your black menu.
  3. Click on greater than sign to the right of Site Identity.
  4. Click Change Image to add your logo as a site icon.
  5. Click the blue Publish button at the top.

Note that this logo will also appear in the top left-hand corner in each page on your website.

Page with detailed instructions for setting up the Twenty Nineteen theme: How To Set Up And Customize Twenty Nineteen Theme


Twenty Twenty Q.

How to build a website with the Twenty Twenty WordPress theme?


Author’s Note: I began writing this article about the Twenty Twenty theme as I was learning it. After a while, I decided that it was not intuitive enough. So, I decided to stop writing. I deleted the Twenty Twenty theme and installed the Twenty Nineteen theme.

In your black menu, click on Appearance > Themes. Click on Add New Themes. Find Twenty Twenty and click Install.

From the top horizontal menu, click New and then Page or Post. Post is used for adding a blog that would give links to the previous and next post below your post.

Click New in the horizontal menu and add a couple new pages.

At this point it is best to do lots of experimenting. Click on everything that looks like a menu and see what things do. It’s the best way to learn.


When you simply cannot understand it, search it out. For instance, I wanted to learn more about blocks. So, I entered this into a Yahoo! search engine: What is a block in the WordPress twenty twenty theme. Read what I learned about blocks.

This is a small fraction of the types of blocks they list on that page:



How to use Google Trends for SEO

What is Google Trends?

One of the best SEO tools around is Google Trends. It shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world. It is possible to refine the main graph by region and time period.

For instance, the chart here is comparing two search term used over the past several years. The red line is SEO. The blue line is Search Engine Optimization. The highest point in the red line represents 100% of the searches for SEO throughout the world. Every other point on the two graphs represents the number of searches compared to that highest point for SEO.

I compared the two terms because I wanted to know which one I should use in the title of this post. SEO is way more popular than Search Engine Optimization.  That’s why SEO is used in the title.

You can compare up to 5 different search terms at the same time.

Ubersuggest can help you find the different search terms.

Search criteria


  • World wide or by
    • Country

Time frames

  • Past hour
  • Past 4 hours
  • Past day
  • Past 7 days
  • Past 30 days
  • Past 90 days
  • Past 12 months
  • Past 5 years
  • 2008 – present


  • Arts & entertainment
  • Autos & vehicles
  • Beauty & fitness
  • Books & literature
  • Business & Industrial
  • Computers & electronics
  • Finance
  • Food & drink
  • Games

Related queries

  • Search by most popular related queries
  • Search by biggest increase in search frequency
  • 100% is most popular search query. All other numbers are relative to that.

Subregion & comparison terms

  • Can compare various terms in subregions of a country
  • Image compares 3 sets of related terms in 50 American states
  • Colour key
    • Yellow: Tennis + pickle ball
    • Red: Skiing + snowmobiling
    • Blue: Swimming + sailing
    • Note that the plus sign means or.

Getting started with Google Trends

  • Go to trends.google.com
  • If you have a Gmail account and Google password, log in. Otherwise, register.
  • Click on Google Trends menu icon
    • Find what’s trending in each of multiple categories such as Actors, Animals, Athletes, Authors, etc.
    • Find what’s trending on YouTube







WordPress Plugins

What are WordPress plugins?

WordPress plugins are bits of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress site. If we are making a 3-page website for you as a Fiverr customer, these are the six plugins we consider the most important. We will insert them into your website:

For instance, if I want to add a search box to the top of each web page, I could go to the black menu and click on Plugins > Add New. Then I could type Ivory Search into the Search Plugins box. 

After I set up that plugin, I could get a magnifying glass icon in my top menu. By clicking on the magnifying glass, I could search for keywords throughout the website.

Note that if the website is commercial, the owner will have to pay for Akismet before they can activate it. We are installing it in all websites. The website owner can make the decision whether or activate it or not.

For the above reason, we install but do not activate Akismet in any of our Fiverr websites.

Your four main plugins

  • WordPress: A free, lightweight content management system (CMS)
  • To customize WordPress, choose from a database of 49,000+ different plugins
  • Popular plugins include
    • Comment spam protection,
    • SEO
    • Contact forms and
    • Sitemaps to help search engines work more effectively
  • This post will discuss free WordPress plugins to help in those 4 areas

Each of those 4 main plugins is discussed below.

1. Akismet

  • Akismet (one of the more important WordPress plugins) gives you comment spam protection
  • Click on  Plugins in left-hand column of black menu
  • Akismet will likely already be there
    • If not, click on Add New and enter Akismet in search box
    • Click Activate
    • Click the white Activate your Akismet account on the blue background
    • You will be asked to get an API key that looks something like 9a5a63903bdc
    • Enter that in box, click a few buttons and amount of comment spam will be drastically reduced

2. SEO WordPress plugins

  • SEO stands for search engine optimization
  • We will use WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • Search engines such as Google are much more likely to rank you higher
  • This free plugin is very important.  I use it to help me SEO EVERY single blog post that I make.
  • To get started, click on Plugins > Add New
  • Enter SEO into search box
    • Given a large list of plugins
    • Select WordPress SEO by Yoast
    • Click on Install Now and wait for successfully installed
    • Click Activate Plugin
    • Says SEO near bottom of black menu
  • Now you’re ready to start using new plugin
  • Create new page
  • After you’re finished adding text, scroll down below page and click on General tab
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Hover over question marks to get understanding of what each heading means
  • Click blue Update button


3. Contact Form

The websites we design for Fiverr give our clients a Contact Us page with a Ninja form. Read our simple instructions on how to install.

  • If publish your email address on web page, running risk of getting lots of spam
    • People have bots that harvest email addresses
  • So, add a WordPress plugin contact form instead
  • Go to new plugins page and search for ninja form
  • Click on the Ninja Form promo rectangle that shows up.
  • Wait a few seconds and click Activate
  • Go to the Ninja Form article to learn more
  • Update your page
  • View the page
  • Check to make sure form works

4. Sitemap WordPress Plugin

Note: If you use Yoast SEO, you already have a sitemap. Adding another sitemap could cause a software conflict.

  • A proper site map may help you get high rankings on Google
    • Especially true if you update your website often
    • Sitemap helps site owners get new content earlier on Google’s SERPs (search engine result pages)
    • Google XML Sitemaps notify all major search engines every time post new content
  • Help search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to better index
  • With an XML sitemap, much easier for crawlers to see complete structure of site and retrieve it more efficiently
  • To get started, go to Plugins > Add New and search for sitemaps
  • Cmd F to find Google SML Sitemaps
  • Likely find several choices
  • Go to one that is Google SML Sitemaps without anything else in name
  • Click Install Now
  • Activate

Two other valuable plugins in  investigate

When I want to investigate a new plugin, I enter this into a search engine: review wordpress plugin name of plugin.

You may want to investigate these 2 plugins:

  • Gallery: Add beautiful photo galleries and albums to your site.
  • Appointments+: Let your customers book and pay for appointments by themselves.




























Grab their attention within a few seconds

Website visitors are impatient.  They need visuals to distract them.  If they are not really interested in the first 3 seconds, they will probably leave your page.  So, use images with a “wow” factor to grab their attention.  The special picture should be above the fold if possible.

A picture is worth 1000 words

The brain processes a picture much faster than text — 60,000 times faster.  So, a picture is probably worth much more than 1000 words.

What makes visuals different from text?

  • Visuals are stored directly in the long-term memory
  • Text is stored in the short-term memory
  • Images increase comprehension, recollection and retention to a greater extent than text does
  • So, people are more likely to remember things on your web page if text is accompanied by a picture
  • Pictures enhance emotions more strongly than text.
  • Pictures engage the imagination to a greater extent than text
  • Pictures heighten creative thinking to a greater extent than text
  • The brain processes everything about a picture simultaneously
  • With text, the brain processes it one word at a time

Souces of visuals

When you are explaining things, it often helps to use Cmd/Shift/4 to grab part of an image to explain a point.  For instance, I used Cmd/Shift/4 to remove a bit from the picture on the right and displayed it here on the left.

Visuals help us decode text. 

Sometimes, or probably usually, visitors will leave your page if you do not grab their attention within the first few seconds.  I used to go to Adobe Stock and pay $3 for a photo that will “wow” people long enough to get them to read the page. 

I saved them in special folders in Google Drive. Every one in a while I look through my special image folders to find something I could use. I use GIMP to reduce them to be a PNG image around 400 px wide. Otherwise it could take too long for the web page to load.

Note that to use Adobe Stock you must pay $30 USD per month for 10 photos. If that is too much, try the nocostimages alternative.

Try going to 13 sources of free stock images.

Reduce the size of some images

Note that these Adobe Stock pictures will be very large and therefore slow down the speed at which your website opens.  So, to avoid losing viewers, use GIMP to reduce the size of an image.

If you have a 3 MB picture and drag a corner to make it smaller, it will still be a 3 MB picture.  So, go to GIMP and use used Image > Scale Image to reduce the size of a picture.

Today I had a 1.3 MB picture that was 700 pixels wide.  I used GIMP to reduce it to 400 pixels wide.  It was only 400 kB.

Social media marketing

I rarely make a social media post without having a photo that grabs people’s attention.  I’ll take the best picture from a blog post and have an image upload with that same picture in my posts on

  • Twitter
  • Facebook page
  • Google+

Each social media post will link back to the blog post.  The picture with a “wow” factor helps people to stay on my social media post long enough that they end up going to the blog.

The fold

The fold is the position on a web page where the majority of browsers viewing the page will begin to scroll.

Megabytes & kilobytes

A Mb is approximately 1000 times larger than a kB.  Specifically,

  • 1 byte = 8 bits
  • 1 Kilobyte = 1024 bytes
  • 1 Megabyte = 1024 Kilobytes


The Bitly address, bit.ly/nocostimages,is an easy-to-remember web address for the Dreamstime website. Dreamstime has a collection of tens of millions of photos, illustrations, video snippets, etc. The lower quality images are free. The higher quality ones cost money. Dreamstime can be a very good source of free images.

In the above screenshot, someone searched All Content for pictures that represented designing websites.  What if your designing websites picture must match the blue colour in your header. Then you would add the word blue to your search term.

Click a plus sign with the circle around it in order to add a block.







Password Q.

How to create a password

To create a password, open up your editor in Visual view. In the right-hand column you will find the panel you see here. Beside Visibility:

  • Click Edit.
  • Click the Password Protected radio button.
  • Type a password.
  • Immediately write it down on scrap paper so that you do not forget it.
  • Click OK and
  • Then the blue Update button.

To remove password protection, simply click the Public radio button.


Contact Us Q.

How to make a Contact Us page

Open the page to which you wish to have the Contact Us form. Go to the Plugins section in your black menu. Search for Ninja Forms. Install and activate it.

Ninja Forms will now be in your black edit menu. Hover over it and click Add New.

Hover over Contact Us. It will turn blue. Click it. To add more form fields, click the Form Fields button in the top menu.

In the Form Fields section, click any other field you would like to add to the form. Once you are finished, click Done. Then click Publish.

Click the white X in the upper right-hand corner.

Note the Shortcode in the Title line. Copy that into your clipboard. Go to your page in Visual editing view. Paste the Shortcode in the location to which you wish to have your form. Save and view the page. Your form will be where you want it. If you wish, add pictures and text that would make your page more professional looking.

It you are having problems, scroll down a bit.

If your forms go into your Junk Mail…

In case the above animated GIF is moving too fast for you, here is the same message in text form:

  1. Always check your forms to make sure they work. If the message is not in your inbox, it may be in your Junk folder.
  2. Go to Mail > Preferences.
  3. Click on rules.
  4. Click on the name of the rule. If none exists, click Add Rule.
  5. Edit button.
  6. Use dropdown box to enter Subject in first box.
  7. Use dropdown box to enter Contains in second box.
  8. Change Text box to something every subject line of your forms has in common. In my case, it was Ninja Forms.
  9. On next line, use dropdown box to enter Move Message.
  10. Mailbox from next dropdown box will be Inbox.
  11. Click OK.
  12. If a message shows up, click Apply.
  13. Click Mail.
  14. Go to Mailbox > Synchronize All Accounts. It should work now.

    If you are still having problems, go to the official Ninja Forms website.

If your email does not arrive in your mailbox, go to the Ninja troubleshooting web page.

If you are still having problems, read the Contact Us page problem article.



Screenshot Q.

How to make a screenshot of one area of your screen

With a Mac

  • Hold down these 3 keys at the same time: Cmd-Shift-4.
  • Move cursor to corner of the image you wish to make.
  • Hold down left mouse button.
  • Drag corner to opposite corner and let go.
  • Image will be saved in Desktop.
    • It’s name will begin with Screen Shot.
  • Select that name.
  • Press Enter.
  • Give new image a descriptive name.
  • (Cmd-Shift-3 will copy the entire screen into your Desktop.)

With a PC

Go to this website.

Animated GIF Q.

How to add an animated GIF to a WordPress website

  • In your top menu, click on the Add Media button.
  • Click on the Upload Files button.
  • Drag your animated GIF onto the panel.
  • Under Attachment Display Settings select Full Size.
  • Click the blue Insert into Post button.
  • Drag one corner of the animated GIF to make it the size you want.
  • Select and click on the appropriate icon to display it on the right or the left.

This is an example of an animated GIF.

Learn how to create animated GIFs.



How to copy & paste an animated GIF from one web page to another

The video above will show you how to copy an HTML code for an animated GIF into your clipboard. Then you will go into another web page, easily discover where you want the code to be and paste it there.

How does HTML work?

Browsers  use HTML codes to render the content of the page. For example, if some text has a <p> in the front of it and a </p> after it, the browser will show the text as a paragraph. If some text has <strong> in front of it and </strong> behind it, the browser will show the text in bold.

Note the “A short paragraph” below with the corresponding HTML code illustrating how it was created.

The colourful image above is the markup for a paragraph has:

  • A <p> tag to create a paragraph.
  • A <strong> tag to make it bold.
  • An <em> tag to create italics.
  •  A <span> tag to create red text.

Note that for each of the above initial tags there must be a final tag beginning with a slash(/). Note also that the first tag must correspond to the last tag. The second tag must correspond to the second from the last tag and so on. As illustrated in the above image, those coloured paths may never cross.

To learn more about HTML codes, go to the w3schools website.







Colour H1 headings Q.

How to change the colour of All H1 headings in your website

In your black menu, go to Appearance > Customize.

This will give you a menu of items. click on Additional CSS and 

add this CSS code: <h1 style=”color:red;”>Heading 1</h1>. Note: Go to the W3school’s HTML Color Picker page to find what code to substitute for the word “red”. For instance, if you exchange “red” above with  #ff33ff, you will get this colour.

Changing colour of ANY text

  1. (To see how to change the colour of an H1 heading, scroll up half a page.)
  2. Go to the HTML Color Picker page.
  3. Highlight the 6 characters (no number sign) of the code for the shade of colour you want.
  4. Cmd C to copy it into your clipboard.
  5. Go to the page you are editing. 
  6. Highlight the text for which you wish to change the colour.
  7. Click on the dropdown arrow on the letter A in the bottom row of the black menu menu.   
  8. Click on Custom. 
  9. Cmd V to paste the colour code in the box beside the number sign.
  10. OK
  11. The text will now be the colour you wanted.

What is a slug?

A slug is the part of a URL which identifies a particular page on a website in an easy to read form. In other words, it’s the part of the URL that explains the page’s content. For this page, for example, the web page address is what you see in this image. The slug is ‘wordpress-faq-2’.

WordPress allows a variety of types of slugs. The wrong type will not be SEO friendly. To make it SEO friendly, go to Settings and click on Permalinks. Select the Post Name radio button and click the blue Save Changes button.

Q. How do you use Yoast SEO?

How to use Yoast SEO 

  1. In editing view, scroll to beneath your page. 
  2. Click on SEO analysis.
  3. Make sure you have added a keyword to a Focus Keyphrase that expresses the theme of your web page. Note that ideally your H1 heading will begin with that keyword of 1, 2 or 3 words. Also note that the keyword should be in your permanent link’s page name. (In the example below, the focus key phrase is WordPress page. It begins the H1 title. In the permalink, it is the page name you see after the domain name. See example below,)

4. Look at all of the orange, red & green bullet points. Fix the red & orange ones if possible.
5. If all of your bullet points are green, that increases the probability that you will be on Google’s page one. 
6. If you need to add an alt attribute, you go into your page in text view. Cmd F to find every alt=. Insert the keyword between the quotation marks that follow.


Q. How do I make a moving banner at the bottom of a video?

Watch the 2 minute video once. Then read the 18 tiny steps below to help you remember what was the video.

  1. Change your ScreenFlow video in an MP4 file.
  2. Save it to your Desktop.
  3. Drag MP4 file from Desktop to Keynote screen.
  4. Adjust size & location of MP4 file.
  5. Click text button.
  6. Move text to near screen bottom.
  7. Adjust the size of text & text box.
  8. Click Format > Text > Text Color.
  9. Scroll left in colour panel.
  10. Click on colour you want text to be.
  11. Key in wording for scrolling banner.
  12. Highlight portion of text you wish to emphasize.
  13. Choose colour of highlighted text.
  14. Click Animate > Add an Effect > Move In.
  15. Change direction to Right to Left.
  16. Increase time for slow-moving banner text.
  17. Remove bounce effect.
  18. Click Preview to review your work.

Q. How do you change the background colour of website pages?

  1. In the black menu, go to Appearance > Background.
  2. To the left of Background Image, click on the arrow to return to the menu with Colors on it.
  3. Click on Colors.
  4. Beneath Background Color, click Select Color.
  5. Click on the colour you want. Let’s say it is white.
  6. Click on Select Color again.
  7. Do the same for Header & Footer Background Color.
  8. Click Publish.
  9. Click the black X to the left of Publish.
  10. Return to the page on your website. It will have changed to white.


How do I add a link to the bottom of a web page?










Q. Classic Editor 

How do I add the classic editor plugin to my website?


How do I add a magnifying glass search icon to the top of my web pages?

It appears like you now have to get the paid version of Ivory Search to get that magnifying glass you see in the video. In the new free version it seems like the best we can find for you is a search box above the menu.

This is how to add the above search box after having installed the Ivory Search plugin:

Appearance > Customize > Ivory Search > Default Search Form > click on the search box image  you see above > Publish > black X to left of Publish button.

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